Kate Gosselin Planning Weekend Party Online

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Kate Gosselin has been very busy since the start of the new year. The mom of eight has barely had time to talk to her fans and followers on Twitter but she is trying to make some time for them. It is unknown exactly what she has been up to, but fans hope that she’s working on something b-i-g (perhaps a return to television? Another book?).

“Ok ok.. I’m saying ‘hey’ you, my tweety friends ARE on my ‘to do list’ today! I miss you and will be back to chat soon.. tweety party this wkend?” Kate tweeted on Tuesday night. If Kate finds the time, she will likely spend an hour or two just tweeting some of her followers and responding to any comments or questions that they may have.

Kate Gosselin does her best to make time for her fans. She has really used Twitter as an outlet to keep in touch with all of the people who have supported her over the years. Will you be attending her “tweety party?”

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