Kate Gosselin – Playing the Mommy Card on Dancing with the Stars? VIDEO

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DWTS has been pretty drama-packed this season, thanks to “reality” TV star Kate Gosselin, though she managed to keep it to a minimum this week.  While her rehearsals were pretty unexciting, so was her typically graceless performance.  While “The Robot”  might have been an appropriate dance for 80’s night, it’s not the style you want for a Foxtrot, even to 80s classic “Don’t You Forget About Me”. ( Can anyone hear that song without thinking of the Breakfast Club?) 

Dancing aside, I thought the worst moment was after Kate received her usual bad reviews from the panel of judges, she tried to play on the audience’s sympathy “I had a nice visit from eight little friends.  This is what they live and breathe for. I have to keep dancing for them. I have to!”  Ugh, where to start with that mess??

  1. A visit from 8 little friends?  Oh right, you’re too busy dancing with the stars to actually spend time with your kids.
  2. This is what they live and breathe for??  Really?  Your small kids care that much about you continuing to make a big ol’ fool of yourself instead of being at home when they are recovering from their family falling apart in front of the entire world. Yeah. I’m sure that’s the most important thing in their lives right now.
  3. You have to keep dancing for them?? Why? You need the paycheck? That doesn’t seem right, since you get child support, have the money from your last show, your books, your other appearances and oh yeah, your NEXT show.

Gosselin’s blatant attempt to pluck at people’s heart strings to keep her on the show are just one more reason I have gone from cheering for her when she was a new mom of 8 to being totally disgusted by her headline-grabbing antics. 

Will this be the week she is finally sent home to her babies? Or have you already voted her for so that she can keep “dancing for them”?


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