Kate Gosselin Prays to Coffee Gods!

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Kate Gosselin may not be completely over her flu after all. Yes, she wants to stay in bed, but clearly she understand that at least one thing can help her through the day… coffee, and tons of it!

Yes, this is the same Kate who was complaining that even the part-time, hired help was getting sick (read that here), and was dolling out free solutions to get over the cold like slopping Vicks on ones feet (read about that silliness). Now she is finally giving in to the one thing that she clings to for any hope of coping with her day:

Look, everyone knows that Kate Gosselin tweets for sympathy. She seemingly has posted about the flu, her family and the flu, flu cures, and the like for the better part of a week now. The question is, how good of a nurse is Kate, that she can’t just suck it up and deal with it? She says she isn’t getting sick now, but was complaining of being sick just the other day. Would someone please get the woman some coffee!

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