Kate Gosselin Prefers Her Men Be ‘Dead’!

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Kate Gosselin appeared on The View this morning dressed in full zombie attire to talk about her life, her children and what she plans to do next.

While Kate looked quite frightful in her Halloween costume, she seemed to be a little timid talking about her life. This was especially noticeable when it came to relationships and her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin.

When The View hosts asked Kate what she thought of her husband’s comments that “reality TV isn’t a career”, Kate got a little flustered and proclaimed that his comments don’t have any effect on her or the children. Hopefully that’s true, but by the looks of it she seemed rather annoyed that The View girls brought him up.

Elizabeth Hassleback also brought up the subject of dating and Joy Behar said “What are you looking for in a man — alive or dead –?” This was an obvious joke to their zombie attire but Kate Gosselin said that it might be better if her next man was dead considering what it takes to be in her life with eight young kids. She was joking, of course, but the joke didn’t garner any laughs.

Overall Kate Gosselin seemed incredibly uncomfortable on The View this morning. She looked great though and at least she laid to rest some of the pesky rumors!

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