Kate Gosselin Prepares Eight Kids for Picture Day

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Kate Gosselin is always up for a challenge, and it’s a really good thing too. She got eight kids ready for picture days at school on Monday, and that’s no small challenge!

According to Twitter, Kate says she feels like she’s her own hairdresser after getting all the girls in her brood picture-perfect.

Kate Gosselin“School picture day here means…. Straightening FIVE girls hair at wee hours in the morning…I’m my own hair salon!,” she tweeted.

Can you imagine getting eight children ready for school pictures? Even worse, can you imagine how much it must cost to buy all of those school pictures–even if choosing the least expensive option for each one?

The former Kate Plus Eight star may drive some people crazy, but it’s clear she’s up against some challenges that many will never face. Doing everything in multiples has to have its definite perils, but it seems she pulls them off successfully most of the time.

What’s the most children you’ve prepared for school picture day at the same time? Can you even begin to compete with Kate Gosselin?

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