Kate Gosselin Promotes Good Health at Home

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As a mom of eight, Kate Gosselin is a pro at dealing with childhood illnesses, but she takes lots of preventive measures to promote good health at home.

According to a report from Babble, Kate uses some tried and true methods to keep her eight kids healthy, but that doesn’t mean her kids don’t get sick. Still her efforts likely curb the amount of time her children are sick.

“When schooKate Gosselin - Reading, PAl starts, there’s only so much a mom can do to avoid germ exposure and the resulting illness,” she writes in her blog at Coupon Cabin. “Unfortunately, in my large family, it’s always a marathon of illness, lasting a minimum of two weeks from start to finish.”

So what does the former Kate Plus Eight and Jon and Kate Plus 8 star do to prevent the spread of germs and help maintain her children’s good health? She starts by not allowing germs from outside their home–specifically from school–to infiltrate their entire house.

“We remove shoes immediately inside the front door, change out of school uniforms and wash thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water within the first five minutes of entering,” she says.

Kate also insists upon a special spot to dump backpacks and lunch boxes when the kids get home from school. In addition to serving healthy meals, she also gives the kids multivitamins and extra vitamin C during cold and flu season.

Does Kate Gosselin feel validated by all the germ prevention steps she takes to keep her family healthy?

“Preventing illness keeps my family healthy – but also translates into savings,” she says.

By not paying the cost of “doctors’ visits, prescription and OTC meds, tissues, juice and sick-day treats like books and crayons,” Kate is no doubt saving big bucks.

Do you implement any of the good health habits Kate uses in her home? Do you think her ideas are sensible or overkill?

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