Kate Gosselin Publicly Thanks Her Local Police Department for Help

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Kate Gosselin has been caught up in some bullying drama over the past couple of weeks, as someone sent her a harsh birthday message a couple of weeks ago. The follower wrote that she hoped that Kate would choke on her birthday cake and essentially die, which was enough for the owner of Bullyville to take action. He filed a class action lawsuit against Kate’s bullies and exposed some of their identities. However, it sounds like the local police department has also stepped up in her home town, since one follower wrote that she had driven by Kate’s house and hinted that the lights were off.

According to a new tweet released on April 6, Kate Gosselin revealed that she was thankful that the police had stepped up, but she didn’t add that it was because of her personal issues with her bullies. “Thx 2 my local police dept who have been more omnipresent than normal, recently! Don’t know if you’ll c this but hoping so,” Kate revealed on Twitter yesterday. Of course, many of her followers are questioning whether Kate is supporting the actions of Bullyville, as they have exposed some of the identities of the people who are tweeting mean things to her. Kate has revealed that she supports any legal measures to get her bullies in place, and it sounds like she doesn’t care that people may be fired from their jobs because the owner of Bullyville threatened to contact the bullies’ respective employers.

What do you think of Kate’s message to her local police department?

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