Kate Gosselin Refuses to Meet Haters

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There’s at least one TV show desperate famewhore Kate Gosselin won’t appear on.

The infamous octomom, who has been pitching several TV projects since the recent cancellation of her long-running reality show “Kate Plus 8,” has turned down the opportunity to appear on Mario Lopez’s new show “H8R,” Huffington Post Celebrity is reporting.

“H8R” brings together stars and, yes, their haters, who send in video rants about the celebrities.

“We have had more videos sent in about Kate than any other celebrity,” a “H8R” producer tells the Huffington Post. “We have reached out to her many times asking her to do the show, but so far it doesn’t look good.”

Way bigger celebrities than Kate — including Kim Kardashian, Snooki and Eva Longoria — have appeared on “H8R.” But a friend of Kate’s tells the website that, despite issuing a challenge to her haters to get to know her, the notorious breeder likely won’t appear on the show.

“Kate may say she is cool with meeting people who don’t like her but she never puts herself in a position where she is not in control,” the friend dishes to the website. “This would be her worst nightmare and, unlike Snooki, Kate has no sense of humor.”

Wow. When you’re being compared unfavorably to Snooki, something’s wrong! It’s not a surprise that a sour, delusional, narcissistic control freak like Kate Gosselin wouldn’t want to come face to face with people who might have valid criticisms about her child-exploiting parenting style. But maybe she should do “H8R”. If she showed the ability to lighten up and be more likeable, networks might be more willing to hire her for another show. Although given her reputation as an entitled, demanding diva, that’s probably still doubtful.

What do you think? Should Kate Gosselin appear on “H8R”? Should she just go away forever? And do you remember the horrifying spectacle that was her “Paparazzi” paso doble on “Dancing with the Stars” (video below)? Sound off in the comments!

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