Kate Gosselin Rep Says Jon Gosselin’s Cry of Poverty is BS

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Kate Gosselin’s attorney doesn’t know why ex-hubby Jon Gosselin is crying poverty because she says he doesn’t have to pay her child support any more. Is he just feeding BS to the media?

Kate GosselinAccording to a report from RadarOnline, Jon claimed just days ago that he can’t pay his rent and is facing eviction because he has to make his child support payment to Kate. If he loses his home he stands to lose his visitation privileges with their eight children. However Cheryl Young, a legal rep for Kate says Jon hasn’t had to pay child support since April.

“I read Jon’s statement on RadarOnline.com and was quite surprised to read that he claims to be struggling to keep his child support payments current. As of April 27, 2012, Kate voluntarily relieved Jon of all current and future child support obligations for their eight children,” Young explains.

Jon Gosselin The issue of Jon Gosselin’s money woes came up months ago and Kate apparently was adamant about him not losing time with the children because of finances.

“Kate and Jon talked and worked through all of these issues and she withdrew the child support,” Young says. “Currently, he is only paying a small amount on arrears for support that was not paid prior to the April date when she dropped support. Those payments will soon end meaning that Kate is the sole supporter of the parties’ children.”

Young also said Kate Gosselin harbors no bad feelings toward Jon in light of his unemployed status (he says jobs never work out because he is easily recognized as a former reality show star) or inability to pay.

“The last thing Kate ever wanted was for the children to see their father in dire financial straits,” Young adds.

So what do you think the real scoop is here? Are those arrears payments what Jon Gosselin was really talking about? Are they more than he can handle?

Is Jon being lax in his support of his own children or are Kate and her lawyer making simply dismissing those arrears payments as no big deal, when in fact they’re more than Jon can pay right now?

It certainly sounds like there will never be complete peace between the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 parents–doesn’t it?

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