Kate Gosselin Reveals That She Can’t Put Down Her Candy

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Kate Gosselin may have been busy over the Easter weekend, as she had to plan an Easter egg hunt for her eight children and make sure that all of her children got their chocolates. For her, it was all about getting the hunt done while the weather was good, as it was about to rain where she is located. However, Kate also made another confession as she was tweeting about her children’s Easter plans. While her children were chewing on chocolate eggs and perhaps chocolate bunnies, Kate divulged on her own candy – a type of candy that she just so happens to be a little obsession of hers.

According to a new tweet released on March 31, Kate Gosselin revealed that she can’t put down Sour Patch Kids candy. As her children were eating chocolate, something that she didn’t really want for herself, she was eating the sour candy and she reveals that she has a hard time putting it down. “For some reason, my favorite ‘Easter’ candy this yr has been sour patch kids! Not feeling too chocolate-y but I can’t get away from SP kids,” she tweeted over the long weekend. Of course, Kate can put the candy down at some points, because she is a running fanatic and needs to stay in shape. Surely, she isn’t staying in shape for her marathons by eating candy.

Are you surprised that Kate is admitting to a sour candy obsession during Easter? Or do you think she is just making small talk on Twitter so her fans can keep her entertained during Easter?

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