Kate Gosselin Says Her Kids Want to Spend Christmas With Her Not Jon

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Kate Gosselin enjoys her children, and it sounds like they enjoy their mom, too. According to a new interview, she says that her kids are old enough now that they say where they want to be, and they want to be with their mom this Christmas. The kids normally spend Christmas Eve with their dad, but this year, they are speaking up that they want to be at home.

Now that doesn’t mean that they won’t see their dad over the holidays or that things might change, but Kate made it very clear that the kids don’t want to be with Jon. Maybe she is making it sound worse than it really is, though.

Kate also said that they don’t do Santa at their house, but that they do buy presents. Her kids are typical children who want things like an iPod for the holidays. She says she puts out a disclaimer explaining if they get expensive gifts, they won’t get as much stuff. All parents have to do this with their children to keep the peace on the holidays.

Kate Gosselin is also being a great mom and teaching her kids about the holidays and doing things right. They are working with Toys for Tots. It is great that she is showing them that giving is as important as receiving. Even if you aren’t a fan of Kate, you have to give her credit for that one.

Are you shocked to hear the kids don’t want to be with Jon Gosselin for Christmas? Sound off in the comments below.

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