Kate Gosselin Scared As She Faces Unemployment

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Kate Gosselin has faced a lot of things head-on and in a relatively fearless manner. She gave birth to sextuplets–which would send most mothers into life-long therapy. She also went through a bitter and very public divorce. Now she admits, however, that the prospect of being unemployed is one thing that really scares her.

According to a report from Starpulse.com, Kate says, “I’m really scared. I’m freaking out. Big time. My kids weren’t ready. Nobody was. I’ve never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. This has been ended for me on a moment’s notice. I don’t know what’s next.”

Kate Gosselin worked as a labor and delivery nurse in a Pennsylvania hospital. Husband Jon was a network engineer. They had twins Mady and Cara and then the sextuplets came along. Their births, along with an impressive contract with TLC, catapulted them into a life before the cameras, but also one that afforded them many of the luxuries they’d only dreamed of before.

Now those dreams, along with many of the luxuries to which they’ve become accustomed, could become distant memories. Kate is divorced now, and her latest TLC show Kate Plus Eight has been canceled. Poor ratings left the network with no other choice than to pull the proverbial plug. However that plug represents far more than simply the end to a weekly television show.

Kate Gosselin couldn’t possibly make the kind of money she has grown accustomed to if she returned to nursing. And she doesn’t have any other marketable skills. Her only real hope is to land something else in the television circuit–but exactly how many people find her to be truly entertaining?

So now Kate Gosselin is scared–and well she should be. She claims that one of the first reactions the kids had after learning that the show was canceled was, “No more fun trips?”

Those fun trips would be among many things the Gosselin gang might have no more of if Kate doesn’t land some type of job paying close to what she made from TLC.

“I told them I will work my fingers to the bone to make sure that they can stay here and go to their school. There are no guarantees in life for anyone, but they know that I’m giving it my best shot,” Kate says.

So what do you think will wind up happening to Kate and her eight children? Will she land another TV contract that allows them to continue living the lifestyle to which they’ve become quite comfortably accustomed? Or will she be forced to sell the house, pull the kids out of private school and return to nursing?

The next few weeks and months will be crucial to the survival of the Gosselin family–as the TV world has come to know them. What does the future hold for this single mom with eight children?

Should Kate Gosselin perhaps have been better prepared for this kind of crisis?

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