Kate Gosselin Scores Free Cruise Inviting Fans to Pay to Go Along

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Kate Gosselin is now going to be taking a cruise and inviting her fans to come along! That’s right, she found a way to take a free vacation and make it look like work again. Will you be paying to cruise with Kate Gosselin?

Kate went to her Twitter today to tell fans about the exciting news.

Here’s a big announcement that will have an Allure for you and your kids Come hang out! Can’t wait to meet you!

After that she started talking back and forth with fans and begging them to join the trip. If you have never been on a cruise, the ship is huge! The Allure is actually one of the biggest out there. Will you really get your chance to meet and spend time with Kate Gosselin if you are in this cruise? More than likely you will only get a few seconds with her, but the vacation will be amazing!

This cruise is scheduled for August 12-19, 2012. The cheapest package is $1,900 per person. Is it really worth this to meet Kate Gosselin when many cruises are cheaper? You decided and sound off in the comments below!

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