Kate Gosselin Sets Record Straight on Latest Tab Story

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Kate Gosselin is fighting back after one online site published an article that made it look as if the famous mom of eight had put one of her sons in a dangerous predicament. Paps caught a photo of one of the boys under her van while she sat at the wheel. Radar Online published the article, sharing that the child safety group KidsAndCars.org was slamming Kate for not supervising the kids and being part of this “frightening scenario.” Kate took to her Twitter to straighten this one out in one fell swoop of 140 characters.

Radar Online noted that “Rather than getting out of the huge van to supervise them, Kate stayed in the driver seat as the kids piled in with their big backpacks on their little backs.” The photo itself certainly is a bit unsettling when taken in just on its own. However, Kate Gosselin straightened it all out with one simple post. She writes, “Re stupid article: it was on Tuesday&kind Collin offered w my permission2retrieve Hannah’s dropped h2o bottle. Typical tab tale; no facts!”

While the safety advocacy group certainly has sage advice about supervising children around vehicles, Kate’s post indicates this situation was fully under control. Gosselin may be used to sources getting things wrong and out of context when it comes to her family, but that doesn’t mean she has to just take it. Keeping track of what her eight kids are doing is nothing new for Kate Gosselin, and in this case it sounds like everything was perfectly fine though others assumed otherwise.

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