Kate Gosselin: Sextuplet Birthday Disaster!

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Most parents have a hard time planning a birthday celebration for one kid, but on Thursday, Kate Gosselin was busy planning one for six! Fans had the opportunity to watch Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel grow up in front of their eyes on Jon and Kate Plus 8 (later just Kate Plus 8) before TLC cancelled the reality series late last year.

Even though they won’t have this birthday televised, it doesn’t mean the Gosselin’s won’t be celebrating. Unfortunately, Kate had a mini disaster the morning of the birthdays – she ran out of baking powder!

Kate tweeted, “Agh! Of all days to run out of baking powder!!!! For heavens sake…. I’m under the gun now… To channel Betty Crocker and get it done!:)”

It seems like Kate is baking some goodies for her eight-year-olds who are likely in school today, so it looks like Kate Gosselin has some time to improvise the baking powder disaster!

Although Kate may not have the biggest fan base, people still adore her children and are excited that they are celebrating their eighth birthday!

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