Kate Gosselin Shows Off Bikini In Mexico With Bodyguard While “On Business”

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Kate Gosselin doesn’t seem to like to stay in one place, particularly Werthersville, Pennsylvania, where her eight children reside with a bevy of nannies and assorted groundskeepers while Mommy is off making the publicity rounds on one of her endless projects, reality shows, books, speaking engagements, camping with Sarah Palin. And, usually, she is accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Neild. They have been getting very close, sources say, and, at the Emmy awards, Kate spent most of her time hanging with Steve instead of hobnobbing with the galaxy of attending stars. Now here’s a picture from her most recent “business trip” to Mexico. Looks less than business-like, wouldn’t you say? (Take a look at the picture in the link below.)

There is no reason why a divorced mom shouldn’t have fun out in the world after getting through a tough breakup. However, Bodyguard Steve is a married man and, although he takes his job very seriously, is it appropriate for him to be spending so much time around a scantily-clad reality star? Even if he gets paid for it? Do you think he has gotten too close to Kate and her family after all those adorable moppets and their mom have been through in the last year? Maybe this should be the thrust of the reality series–not just the kids, but Mom’s friend and the way he has become an important part of their lives.

The Gosselin clan considers the camera crew part of the family, so why not Mommy’s bodyguard? Looks like it’s just one big happy family! Or just a couple of happy family members in Mexico!

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