Kate Gosselin Skips Monday Twitter Chat, Energy ‘Depleted’

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In case anyone was interested, Kate Gosselin let her Twitter following know on Monday night that she was too tired to tweet. That’s right, since everyone hangs on Kate’s every word, she didn’t want the world to be worried.

Okay, so everyone has heard by now that Kate Gosselin is tired a good amount of time because of the hectic life she leads. Between being a single mom to eight kids, running, writing a coupon blog, and tweeting, Kate sometimes gets sooo worn down. It just so happens that this week, she wanted everyone to feel sorry for her that she would have to give up Twitter for one night to “recharge.”

To be fair, eight kids (with or without help) has to be a nightmare, especially during the holiday season. Plus she just wrote a blog post about 2011 the other day which had to have zapped a little energy. When it comes down to it, Kate Gosselin spends most of her time on Twitter looking for sympathy. Unfortunately, this time of year, everyone is a bit run down, too.

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