Kate Gosselin Slammed by Friend: “You’re Not Angelina Jolie” (Video)

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A friend of Kate Gosselin slammed the reality TV mother of 8. Jamie told the Kate Plus 8 star, “you’re not Angelina Jolie.” This was part of the show’s series finale in which the former Dancing With The Stars contestant was teary and upset. Do you think she’ll ditch her pal too after hearing what she said about the show changing her?

Kate Gosselin Slammed by Friend 'You're Not Angelina Jolie'Jamie said, “Now, I see her, but it’s more TV. It’s always, ‘What am I wearing?’ ‘How skinny can I be?'” Then, the pal went on to make the Angelina Jolie comment. Ouch. Does that hurt Kate Gosselin? It is obvious that the mother of 8 has fairly thick skin, but you have to think that somewhere inside all of her makeup and bleached blond hair she has some feelings.

Either way, the show Kate Plus 8 is over, and now this single mother is left looking for another job, which she thinks will be in TV. Maybe she should listen to her friend and just get back to being a regular person with a normal job. It seems like she is too hung up on the fame though. What do you think she should do for her future after reality TV?

Check out the slam by Kate Gosselin’s pal in the video below.

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