Kate Gosselin Slammed for Dissing Jon

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Kate Gosselin is no stranger to the social networking site, Twitter. Like many, she has found herself involved in a Twitter feud (or ten), and most recently, she fired some comments to a design company that she was unhappy with. Immediately, the feud was picked up by the media, and soon she took to Twitter to defend herself and put an end to any talk.

Unfortunately for Kate, it didn’t end there, and she is continuing to catch flack for her comments. On Friday, a follower even slammed Kate for dissing Jon! According to Radar Online, someone asked the mother of eight why she “disses” Jon. Kate actually answered the question, saying:

if u knew what I know, u’d b AMAZED at my restraint! I don’t say neg stuff oft, but wrong is wrong & It should not b rewarded!

Obviously, Kate and Jon don’t exactly get along, but then again, divorced couples rarely do. They often have a hard time biting their tongues, too. When either Jon or Kate is wrong, it’s understandable that they would want to point that out, but why not do it to each other rather than the Twitter universe?

Interestingly, Kate isn’t worried about how people view her based on what she says on Twitter. A follower explained to Kate that she could change the way people view her, and Kate responded:

not worried about changing ppls minds. It’s not important how it LOOKS, only how I LIVE& care for my kids! Thx tho!

What do you think? Does Kate Gosselin have good restraint when it comes to saying negative things about her ex-husband? Should people lay off on the mom of eight?

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