Kate Gosselin Smells ‘Like Home’ Even Though She’s Sweaty and ‘Stinky’

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Kate Gosselin may spend most of her time with her young kids or at home cleaning up after them, but despite that she—like most parents—still finds so much happiness in the small things her kids say or do.

Kate will often tweet about the things her kids say to her and most of them are adorable things you’d only hear coming from a child. Her latest tweet referred to her daughter, Leah, one of the sextuplets. She said:

“Just ran->hug from Leah:U smell good!
Me:I smell stinky!
L:U smell like mommy
Me:what does mommy smell like?
L:Mommy smells good..like home!”

Anyone who can be happy to smell someone after they’ve been running and are all sweaty is too cute for words. It’s obvious that Kate Gosselin has a bond with her eight young kids and hopefully that bond will continue as they get older and probably want as little to do with “mommy” as possible!

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