Kate Gosselin Spares World, Takes Night Off Twitter!

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And on the day after Easter Kate Gosselin rested! That’s right boys and girls Kate has decided to take an evening away from her addictive self-promotion and venting on Twitter!

“No words tonight.. You’ve all been spared a long blabbery tweet. Here it is: GOODNIGHT ! (too tired for anything more! Lol),” tweeted Kate on Monday night. After the past two days of ending the day with A) complaining about how much rest she needed to prepare for Easter and B) How tired she was after a long Easter day, Kate finally gave it a rest.

That she ended her tweet complaining about being tired and with a big ‘lol’ is telling. Actually the only people who are laughing tonight are the people who finally get a night off from Kate Gosselin’s whining about her eight kids (though many say she has help with the kids) and how tired she is all the time. For once she actually listened to herself and went to bed. Good night Kate, thank you for giving your Twitter account a rest.

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