Kate Gosselin Speaks Out About Robert Hoffman’s Tell-All Book?

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Kate Gosselin may no longer be on television, but she is still feeling the wrath of disgruntled fans. Anyone who follows the mother of eight on the social networking night Twitter knows that she has to deal with a lot of negative remarks and she recently opened up about being bullied. Aside from admitting that she was the victim of taunts in middle school, the former reality show star also called bullying a horrible disease.

Most people (including celebrities) simply ignore the hate that they are given. However, Kate has always dealt with it head on and the fact that it is something she has long dealt with could be why. However, she isn’t letting her haters get her down! In fact, she says all of that hate is her motivation!

Kate said on her Bullyville post, “I use my haters as my motivators. If they say I can’t do it, rest assured I WILL do it. And I won’t stop until I’ve succeeded in achieving any given goal. With all I’ve been through, one thing I know about myself is that my persistence is hard to stop! I think of myself as the energized bunny. I keep going and going and going!”

There is no doubt that she does indeed continue to do things despite the naysayers. She never passes up an opportunity (currently she is blogging for The Stir) and is always looking for more. There are no doubt people who want to see her fail and continue to post snide remarks to her.

It is one thing not to like a celebrity or a person in general, but to make it incredibly apparent through online remarks is another. Kate may not be perfect and, rather than simply addressing her flaws, there are those who take it a little too far.

Kate has also been retweeting posts from the Bullyville including one where she seemed to take a hit at the man who is gearing up to re-release his tell-all about the mother of eight.

Kate retweeted, “Don’t consider it true just because it is written for a liar who will deceive with his tongue will not hesitate to do the same with his pen.”

Of course, she could have also been referring to the hoards of internet bloggers who are less than kind in their posts about her.

Do you think that Kate Gosselin is handling the negativity well?

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