Kate Gosselin Spends Labor Day Weekend Watching Old Home Videos

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Come on, Kate Gosselin, can’t you find something better to do over Labor Day Weekend than sit around and reminisce over the good old days? Kate informed her followers via Twitter that she and the kids were watching old family home movies.

“We’re watching old HOME videos of r family..littles r 20mos old! I’m crying,of course!Wish I had captured evry second!” she tweeted.

Now if watching the movies is a happy thing, and she and the kids are sitting around saying, ‘Oh, look how much he/she has grown,’ then that’s one thing. BKate Gosselin for Presidentut if they’re watching videos from the days of luxe vacations a la Jon and Kate Plus 8 or Kate Plus Eight expense accounts or network perks, that’s just unnecessarily rubbing salt in those proverbial wounds.

Kate took a trip this summer with her kids and droned on and on both before and after about how she no longer afforded vacations for her eight little Gosselins. The one they took to the beach this summer was a complimentary week at a beach house offered to her likely due to much online whining.

Sources say Kate pissed and moaned about not having any money or any place she could afford to take the kids and finally one rental agency ponied up. Apparently Kate is known for her internet ‘poor me’ rants and has garnered lots of free stuff as a result.

Hopefully Kate and the kids aren’t watching these home videos and crying over the lavish lifestyle they used to live. Perhaps instead she can point out the children’s poor behavior (and maybe even recognize some of her own) in light of the many privileges the entire family once enjoyed.

Do you think Kate Gosselin is sitting around watching old home videos over Labor Day Weekend as a precursor to yet another whine-fest or is she maybe showing the kids exactly how much they’ve all (through no choice of their own) grown up?

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