Kate Gosselin Spends Money On Pilot Instead Of Her Children

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Kate Gosselin hasn’t given up just yet. Though you may think you’ve heard the last from the reality star and mom of eight, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to new reports, the former reality star is looking to get back on television any way she can — even if it means funding her own show until a network decides she’s worthy.

Is that really such a smart move for a mom of eight? Couldn’t her money be better spent on her children?

A source says that Kate is going all in on this project despite getting quite a few “no’s” already.

“Many shows that have initially been denied funding and were self-produced went on to be major hits,” one producer tells me. “‘Jersey Shore’ and Oxygen’s new reality show ‘Girl Confidential’ were all produced on spec. The difference is both of these shows involved unknowns that needed to prove themselves on camera. At this point, we know everything about Kate,” said a source.

Do you think any network would take a gamble on Kate Gosselin? After all, what can she possibly think is interesting about her life now that her children are grown?

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