Kate Gosselin Stalker had a Plan Far in Advance

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Kate Gosselin’s Twitter stalker had a plan lined up before he began posting creepy messages on the social network towards her. The threatening messages started April 26, 2012 with a countdown of when the unidentified person will supposedly expose Kate’s “immoral ways” in 56 days.

According to RadarOnline, the stalker had a domain name initially registered on Domains by Proxy in December 2010 and renewed in 2011. The domain allows users to sign on privately so their identity is concealed.

So far Kate hasn’t responded to anything her Twitter stalker has written, but it has to be unnerving to have such messages as “I know what you did KatePlusmy8 and in 51 days so will the world” that was tweeted on May 1st. Clearly the stalker wants the single mother of eight to know he’s not going to let up — determined to carry out his threats. He’s also mentioned Kate’s publicist, Julie Carson May in his tweets…mocking her for having such a great creation in the reality star.

The stalker has the Bible verse John 8:32 as his Twitter handle, which references by telling the truth one will be set free.

Will this person be stopped for harassing Kate Gosselin or are they clever enough to stay one step ahead of the game in this cruel, twisted game?

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