Kate Gosselin Starts New Week Inspired!

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For Kate Gosselin, last week was quite a mess. Now, the former reality television star is moving forward, inspired.

Frankly, Kate had a really miserable week last week. Between being fired from her blogging gig (how do you lose a blogging gig, seriously?), to having salt rubbed in the wounds by the same porn company that the Octomom uses for her XXX videos, it is has been a rough one.

Now Kate Gosselin is trying to turn over a new leaf on Monday. Kate tweeted, “RT @LifeTools You determine how far you go in life, nobody else. MY INSPIRATION FOR TODAY..VERY TRUE AND MUCH APPRECIATED! NOW ONWARD…;)XO”

Okay, so Kate is trying to psyche herself up. Good for her, she has to star somewhere, right? She has nowhere to go but up at this point. The question is, is anyone buying this? Is this a new Kate, or the old Gosselin seeking attention… starting early on a Monday morning?

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