Kate Gosselin Stays Positive on Twitter?!

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Kate Gosselin tries hard to be positive. At least this is what is seems like when she starts posting on Twitter, giving people advice. Perhaps the former reality television star and mother of eight should listen to her own advice.

Gosselin took to Twitter on Sunday (November 4) morning to try and give her followers a little “Kate advice.” Kate tweeted, “GM everyone! Remember to focus on the GOOD things in your life today in order to help you get through the ‘not so good’ things..it helps!;)”

It is unclear who exactly Kate Gosselin is trying to reach with a Twitter post like this. Perhaps this is her message to those who actually were effected by Superstorm Sandy. The thing is, Kate doesn’t even prescribe to this herself. Didn’t she just publicly blast her ex-husband Jon Gosselin about letting her son play with a pitbull? How is that focusing on the “good” things and to “get through the not so good” stuff in her life? Before she gives advice, perhaps she could look in the mirror first.

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