Kate Gosselin Stays Quiet After Coupon Blog Firing!

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Kate Gosselin often tries to be the center of attention. This past week however, after letting the world know she smacks her kids with a wooden spoon, Kate got the smack-down herself. She was fired from her CouponCabin job.

Normally Kate would go on Twitter and start talking about this and that, begging for free stuff, and complaining about her kids. This week has been different.

As celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton has pointed out, “Kate hasn’t released a comment on the matter.” That’s right! Kate Gosselin has gone silent.

Perhaps her lawyers told her to lay low a bit on Twitter, perhaps she has had an epiphany. She doesn’t have reality television show income, she doesn’t have nursing income, and now she doesn’t have blogging income. What Gosselin still has is 8 kids.

So, will Kate stay quiet forever? Probably not, but at least this week Ms. Gosselin has decided to cut out the Twitter habit and focus on one thing, and one thing only… providing for her kids.

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