Kate Gosselin Still Stressed About Not Having a Job

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After the cancellation of her reality show, reports said that Kate Gosselin was stressed. Of course, it makes sense that the mother of eight would indeed be stressed! With today’s economy, anyone without a job is stressed. But, when someone has eight kids to support, the stress is bound to be heightened.

Though there are no reports of Kate or her 8 getting another reality show anytime soon, Kate admits that she is still stressed about not having a job. She tweeted back to a fan:

“more stressed bc no job and yes still papped :(“

“Papped” was Kate’s reference to the paparazzi. She is indeed still followed by the paparazzi anytime she leaves her home in Pennsylvania. Last week, the paparazzi caught her out shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. Earlier this week, they captured her and her children getting ready to take their fall family photo.

There were reports that the unemployed Kate would be returning to nursing, but she corrected the rumors via Twitter. Kate is smart and wasn’t about to let her license expire!

Even without a reality show, Kate Gosselin still has many fans and she stays loyal by trying to tweet with them when she gets a chance.

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