Kate Gosselin Sucked at Blogging Job

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Kate Gosselin isn’t exactly an A-list celebrity, but perhaps that is one of the things that appealed to Coupon Cabin when they decided to hire her on as a blogger about a year ago. As a mom of eight, surely she has some money-saving tips to share with the world, right?

Maybe not.

After her firing was announced by the CEO in a blog post (and subsequently celebrated by people in the comments section), many are still wondering why exactly she was fired. While the CEO cited “recent events” in Kate’s life, that didn’t seem to give too much information. However, a new report out has the details about why exactly Kate was fired and, to put it lightly, she sort of sucked at coupon blogging.

A source revealed to Radar Online, “Kate wasn’t really contributing realistic coupon ideas and money-saving tips for the everyday working class person, and when she was given direction on how to better blog, it was ignored.”

While Kate’s blogs may have started out okay, the past few have been pretty random with less than helpful money-saving tips. For instance, in one blog, she mentions that owning a pool saves membership fees for local pools (aren’t most of those relatively inexpensive to begin with, though?) Anyway, she then outlines ways to save money on pool supplies and none of them are really too helpful for the typical mom looking to save money.

In another blog, she talked about how to save $3 by making homemade bread . That’s not a bad amount, and baking bread may not seem too hard, but she also talks about making other foods “from scratch” such as yogurt and hummus. While that is certainly a healthy alternative, most moms do not have the time to do so.

It is easy to see why, according to the source, readers didn’t really take her blogs seriously. However, her inability to connect with the audience isn’t the only thing that got her fired. Apparently, Kate Gosselin wasn’t initially hired because the company felt that she had good money saving ideas (as pondered above), but rather because they wanted a big name to draw attention to their site.

At the end of the day, their plan worked as more and more people have moseyed on over to a little site called Coupon Cabin just to read about Kate’s demise.

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