Kate Gosselin ‘Super Panicked’ Not to Have a Cleaning Lady

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Kate Gosselin is admitting that she was “super panicked” when her cleaning lady left her with eight hyper kids and a dog to look after. How could she possibly do all her motherly duties PLUS clean the house?

Well, apparently, she can and she is. Kate shared some of her tips on a blog post for The Stir — her first in a while (it was started to seem like she had been fired from this job too!)

Kate talked about her new chore system, which helps her to keep things clean by keeping her children involved. With eight sets of hands around, it makes sense to put them to work every now and then around the house!

“For the duration, it had been my cleaning lady’s job to make sure that every nook and cranny (sounds like I’m talking about English muffins, no?) within each room was addressed weekly — and it was my responsibility to clean and organize all of the areas in between that screamed for my attention as I flew by in my standard whirlwind of movement that I embody as a mom of eight!” Kate wrote.

Though it seems like Kate Gosselin was having trouble adjusting to cleaning her own house (cough, cough) like a normal mom, she seems to be fine with it after implementing a “chore” jar for her kids.

What’s your trick for getting your kids to help around the house? Do you feel bad for Kate and the fact that she doesn’t have a cleaning lady anymore?

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