Kate Gosselin Takes All 8 Kids Out on the Town

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Kate Gosselin is keeping herself busy and being a brave mom of 8 tonight as she makes plans to take all of the kids out for dinner.

Kate is not afraid to share her life with her fans, which is a great thing for a celebrity. She spoke up on Twitter today to let them know that she was taking the kids out.

Good eve! Kids and I are going out 2 dinner! Rare treat! Every1 is excited– including me=no clean up!Yay! Rarely eat out unless traveling!

Everyone is trying to save money and be frugal with the economy, so fans can understand her not eating out often. It sounds like a good treat for the family and of course everyone can appreciate not having to clean.

Kate Gosselin is a brave woman to take out all 8 kids on her own. Will she have a nanny or family member to help? Certainly fans will find out because she is never out of the house without someone taking her picture.

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