Kate Gosselin Takes Her Children on Easter Egg Hunt?

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Kate Gosselin may not have the biggest supporters online, but it sounds like she can live in her positivity bubble once she shuts off her computer and her Twitter account. This weekend, Kate has been working on her cook book, which is scheduled to be released later this year, but she is also focusing on Easter and the celebrations the holiday entails. As for her children, she was ready to take them out on an Easter chocolate egg hunt, which just so happens to be an annual even in the Gosselin household.

According to a new tweet released on March 30, Kate Gosselin reveals that she is done with their annual egg hunt and is ready to make pizza for her children. “Just finished our HUGE annual Easter Egg Hunt (today bc supposed to rain tomorrow) and now off to make home made pizza by request of kids!” Kate tweeted yesterday. Of course, Kate celebrated Easter the day before the actual day, because of the weather, which only makes sense. Kate has been accused of being too desperate for attention, so sharing her family’s Easter plans may be interpreted as another publicity stunt on Twitter. Or maybe she just needs an outlet to release her thoughts, since she is taking care of eight children.

Do you think that Kate is doing what she can to give her children some traditional highlights throughout the year? Or do you think that she is just looking for any excuse to get some attention on Twitter?

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