Kate Gosselin Takes the Gang on a Medical Field Trip

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Kate Gosselin took her eight little Gosselins for a visit with the dentist on Thursday. Can you imagine the crazy scene in that dentist’s office when Kate and all her kids swarmed the waiting room? Furthermore, can you even remotely fathom that this makes the news?

According to a report from Celebrity Gossip, it was big news as Mama Kate and her eight children visited the dentist in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Word has it Kate Gosselin was in a great mood when she showed up with the kids. Could there be some magic in hushing eight children with bubble gum toothpaste long enough to allow Kate to possibly thumb through a magazine? Ahhh, but that would mean Kate was actually a hands-on and in charge mother. And while everyone knows she runs the show, she does so with a housekeeper and the assistance of nannies. Of course there’s that body guard, too, but that’s another story in itself.

Kate Gosselin is even seen in what appears to be a slow jog outside the dentist’s office–perhaps avoiding the paparazzi that is camped outside? Do the paparazzi camp out in the parking lots of dentist offices?

Regardless of the Kate Gosselin hoopla, it’s good to know that her eight little Gosselins will have healthy mouths. If anything happened and one of those kids got a cavity, it’s more than likely that Kate would somehow manage to blame ex-hubby Jon Gosselin for the imperfections–because after all, everything is his fault, and then he’d have to spend a year on the job to take care of the dental bills. Can you even begin to imagine what Jon Gosselin will have to shell out if the brood of eight requires orthodontics?

Good job, Kate Gosselin, in getting the kids to the dentist. It was likely billed as a medical field trip and is destined to show up on an upcoming episode of Kate Plus Eight. The show returns to TLC for a new season in early April.

Check out the photos of Kate Gosselin in the dental office parking lot here.

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