Kate Gosselin Talks Peace with Jon

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Kate Gosselin dished on relationships with TV’s Dr. Drew this week. Hers with Jon, she told viewers, is “peaceful.” She shared with the Lifechangers host, “Jon basically lives his life and I live mine… it’s more peaceful and it’s probably not anything I’m doing differently,” reports the Huffington Post.

Kate Gosselin has been on her own, so to speak, since September of last year, when her reality show, Kate Plus 8, was cancelled. But she feels the relationship changes she has noticed are due more to stability in ex-husband Jon’s own life. “He feels like he’s living a regular life again and maybe [he’s] a little happier himself, so that boils down to peace between us.”

Until now, Kate Gosselin had been blaming pretty much everything, right down to “anger issues” in the children, on Jon Gosselin. The temptation would be huge, after all, because there she is with all those mouths to feed.

But that has faded. “The kids are now okay going there [to Jon’s place],” the reality star and mother of eight said. “I feel like he’s trying again. The bottom line is, the kids come home happy, basically, so that’s all that matters.” It boggles the mind to think about relating to eight growing children, much less shifting them around from parent to parent. It has to be easier, now that the constant stress of cameras on their every move is gone. Except, of course, for the money.

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