Kate Gosselin Talks Shots and Free Food!

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Kate Gosselin is clearly getting geared up for her kids heading back to school. Of course, the coupon-clipping former reality television star took to Twitter to talk about her kids and to brag about some free food.

So, when one has eight kids to get school physicals for, it isn’t difficult to imagine what a circus that this can become. Kate tweeted that her kids seem almost excited to be headed in for check-ups (and potential shots). “I have 6 pediatrician well visits this wkend&they r all asking ‘do we get shots?’ so wkend list has2get done 2day so I can focus on that!:(“

The weekend list? Gosselin must be referring to her to-do list. Goodness she has sooo much to do to get ready for the weekend. For instance, she has to make lunch for her kids… or not.

No, Kate Gosselin got free lunch for her kids. How can she be upset about having to do a little extra work getting her kids ready for school when she doesn’t even have to cook for them? Kate tweeted, “Oooohhh thank you @popchips for the lunch box special delivery that is sure to make 8 Gosselins smile (and mom too!) Just in time for BTS!”

Talk about getting something for nothing… or at least a 140 character tweet! Of course, Kate claims that this was just some sort of “thank you gift.” In some parts of the world this is considered grifting. Just saying!

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