Kate Gosselin Tell-All Being Re-Released; She Plans to Fight

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Last year, Kate Gosselin and her team successfully removed an incriminating book about the reality show star and how she allegedly really acts. Among the claims were those that she isn’t nice to the children and alleged that she was too hard on them with discipline. While she was able to get the book removed once, will she be able to do it again?

A friend close to Kate says absolutely. Robert Hoffman has worked diligently reediting the book so that he can get it into the public’s hands. He has a story about Kate that he thinks the world needs to know. The world that, he says, she fooled.

About the upcoming hardback and e-book, Hoffman told the Huffington Post, “The book is almost finished going through the reediting process. I’m actually enjoying the fact that Kate has been staying out of the news. Perhaps it’s the calm before the storm.”

There is no doubt that Kate is probably working behind the scenes, already trying to figure out how to get this reedited version of the tell-all panned. She and her team were able to get the original book removed within two weeks of its initial release and she likely hopes to get this new one removed even sooner.

A friend of the mother of eight said, “Anyone that thinks Kate will let someone attack her and her family should think again. This book has many problems with it and is something that she will fight no matter how many times it gets reedited.”

So, does the book really have problems or simply information that Kate doesn’t want revealed? Certainly no one wants to have their name dragged through the mud, but is Kate going after the book for the right reasons? On one hand, her perseverance suggests that she doesn’t want to sully what is left of her (good?) name. On the other hand, viciously fighting the book so hard makes some feel that she really does have something to hide. What about the book is so bad that Kate doesn’t want released? If they are just rumors, well all celebrities deal with that. And while she may no longer be a celebrity, Kate sure fancies herself as one. Could there truly be proof that would show the world the “real” Kate Gosselin?

Right now, she doesn’t even have the time to be worried. She is busy working as (once again) a blogger, but this time for The Stir. Hopefully her stint there lasts longer than it did for Coupon Cabin which ended disastrously.

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