Kate Gosselin to Make 2 New Reality Shows: When Will It End?

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Kate Gosselin, the once mother-turned reality TV star, is rumored to be starting up another “fabulous” reality show. Her new show, “Twist of Kate” is going to focus on the everyday challenges of women. How can she claim to know jack shit about that? She’s not normal or average. She’s a celebrity. She shouldn’t be, but she is. She is no longer an average American woman. That’s like saying Oprah has the authority to take Dr. Phil’s place on Celebrity Rehab. She’s not freaking qualified!

She, along with her former husband Jon Gosselin, exploited their large family to make money and gain fame on the show “Jon and Kate Plus 8″, if one can even call reality TV stardom as such. Sure, having twins and sextuplets is far from inexpensive, but don’t you think this bitch is taking it a bit far? There’s even talk of “Kate Plus 8″ but if this woman is spending so much time making all these stupid TV shows, do you really think she’s the only one raising 8 children? I’m not a mother, but I know plenty of them and raising even one child is extremely time-consuming.

According to varied news sources, Jon is suing his ex-wife for sole custody of their eight children. His main argument for doing so is her choice to join Dancing with the Stars. Now she’s doing another “reality” sitcom. “Reality” is in quotes because frankly, we all know reality TV is anything but realistic. Jon Gosselin at least had the presence of mind to get out of the lime light after the first TV show fell to pieces, but Kate refuses to let go of her fifteen minutes, dragging it out and sucking dry the teat of fame.

Screw her. Screw reality TV.

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