Kate Gosselin, Today Show Interview 10/5

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The latest twist on Jon and Kate’s ongoing conflicts.  On the Today Show this morning Kate Gosselin spoke with Meredith about the recent event, that Jon took out $230,000 of their joint bank account.  Kate claims she will be unable to pay bills and provide for her children.  TLC has postponed “Kate Plus 8″ while the divorce proceedings are in the process.  Jon is demanding the show be canceled for good, that it is not good for their children.  Whereas Kate tells Meredith that her children were “wailing” this weekend when they found out filming was being postponed; they have developed and love and affection for the crew, and an enjoyment of the places and trips they get to go and take.

Jon went on ‘Larry King Live’ saying he wants to become friends with Kate and be able to reconcile and his kids off the show, “I don’t think it is healthy for them. We are going through a divorce right now and I don’t think they should be televised.” Ok, so why is Jon prolonging the divorce?  Kate rebuts by saying she has tried to reach out to him many many times but has not been able to get into contact.  She claims she is looking out for her children’s best interests and securing the future of their children.  Kate made it her duty to set up secure accounts for her children, enabling them to be set for the future; that way whatever happens between the pair her children will not be financially effected.

As the self-proclaimed “money manager” Kate says she once removed money from the account because Jon had taken a large amount of money out before she removed money from the account.  She took $100,000 out in case Jon took the money, she would be able to buy food for her children.  However, the arbitrator said she had to put it back, and she did.  She is afraid that Jon will take all the money and spend it on frivolous things, leaving Kate unable to pay for the roof over their children’s heads.

When the sextuplets were born they were unable to provide for them and took on the show as a source of income to secure the future of their children.  Kate is afraid that if Jon keeps this up and refuses to allow the show she will be back in the position where she in unable to provide for her children.

These allegations could be a final straw that breaks the camels back, things are just going to get uglier and uglier.  It is a shame that they have to do it so publicly.  They pair is speaking through media outlets in order to communicate with one another.  I hope someone is really looking out for the children; making sure they feel safe and loved no matter what happens with their parents.

To view the Today Show interview: Meredith Interviews Kate Gosselin

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