Kate Gosselin Turned In to Child Protective Services

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Who turned Kate Gosselin in to Child Protective Services? Was it ex-hubby Jon Gosselin? No. It was author Robert Hoffman, who claims he has proof Kate was violent toward her children.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Hoffman claims to have Kate’s personal journals, as well as emails and contracts belong to the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus Eight reality star. He says content in the journals proves Kate behaved in a violent manner toward her children.

Kate Gosselin“I personally contacted Child Protection Services (sic) twice in 2010 when I found the journal,” Hoffman says. “I sent them copies of what I had and they told me they would look into it and that’s the last I heard. I’ve tried to talk to Kate several times in 2010 but she wouldn’t acknowledge my existence.”

Amazon.com removed Hoffman’s new e-book from their site following legal action toward the lawyer on behalf of two high-powered legal firms. Since word of the book erupted, so has the years-old Jon Gosselin versus Kate debate, which has sparked Kate-haters both old and new.

It seems, however, that if Child Protective Services became aware of Kate’s allegedly violent actions—including spanking her children with a wooden spoon—back in 2010, that some kind of action would have taken place before now had it appeared necessary. Do you think it’s now a moot point or will hype over the new e-book stir the controversy in the eyes of these state workers?

Robert Hoffman claims he included facts in the e-book from “former crew members who witnessed” Kate’s violent behavior toward the children. One of the law firms to take action against Hoffman alleges the book features confidential information.

How do you think this will all turn out? Will Child Protective Services go after Kate Gosselin? Surely they’ll have to talk with Jon Gosselin, too. Is Robert Hoffman’s e-book a series of lies or is there something frightening and secretive behind the former reality star’s super mommy demeanor?

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