Kate Gosselin Tweets Behind-the-Scenes Info During ‘Kate Plus Eight’

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Kate Gosselin wants to make sure that fans understand that no matter what they see on tonight’s (Sunday September 5) episode of Kate Plus Eight, that the whole family still had fun. In fact, she plans to tweet behind-the-scenes info to her followers while they’re watching.

According to Twitter, Kate sent out the following tweet to her followers just a little while before the show was due to air.

“1 hr 44 minutes now.. K+8 EST TLC I’ll b in my family room tweeting w u..Behindthe scenes info u will need!Just remember,we also had fun!:)” she tweeted.

What is coming up on tonight’s episode of Kate Plus Eight that Kate Gosselin is afraid might possibly be misconstrued? The episode is called “Alaska: Here We Come.” Will the gang have as much fun as they did when they went camping in Alaska with Sarah Palin and her family? Kate came across in that episode like a–well, like a less than pleasant human being, to say the least.

This is the last season of Kate Plus 8, and Kate Gosselin is likely sweating how she’s going to support her kids. It seems she’ll be doing a stint as host on The Talk, but it’s uncertain as to whether or not that’s a permanent position.

Do you think if Kate comes across as less than pleasant on The View, that she will tweet her followers and give them behind-the-scenes info about that show as well?

Why do you think Kate Gosselin is tweeting her followers and telling them to remember that they “also had fun,” prior to tonight’s episode of Kate Plus Eight? Does it strike you as a little bit strange?

Are you a follower of Kate Gosselin on Twitter? Will you be tweeting with Kate tonight while watching Kate Plus Eight? It airs on TLC at 9 p.m.

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