Kate Gosselin Tweets Picture From Her House and Large Property

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Kate Gosselin may share everything from her daily activities to her personal feelings on her Twitter account, but she rarely shares picture of her personal home. Of course, she did allow cameras into her home to film “Wife Swap” with celebrity-friend Kendra Wilkinson, but the cameras didn’t reveal too much in terms of her location. But after a tweet surfaced about a Twitter follower driving past her house, revealing that the lights were off, Kate may have been scared to post pictures of her home on the social media network. Perhaps that fear is gone now that a lawsuit has been filed, because she posted a picture this morning.

According to a new tweet released on April 12, Kate Gosselin shared a picture of the view from her desk and it appears that she is living on a very nice property. “My view from my desk. Rainy day, but spring is definitely springing,” Kate tweeted while sharing a picture of her window and the green large property outside of her home. And while she may have wanted people to focus on her green grass and the rainy weather, followers may be focusing in on the nice windows and large property that lies in the background.

It is hard to feel bad for Kate when she complains about not having money and being broke, when she has such a nice house and such a large property. Sure, one can imagine that she needs more space given she has eight children, but it is hard to feel bad when she could downsize and get some money from her home to take care of her children. What do you think of the picture she shared?

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