Kate Gosselin Twitter Feud: Jon Sides With ‘the Enemy’

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You may remember that, not too long ago, Kate Gosselin found herself in a Twitter feud with a Philadelphia photographer. The mom of eight spends a lot of time on the social networking site and that was just one of a few feuds she has found herself in. It looks like that she may now be feuding with a design company, but this time, her ex-husband is even getting in on the action, but he isn’t exactly on ‘Team Kate!’

Radar Online reports that the feud between Kate and EM Tanner Designs began over a product of theirs, apparently that used Kate’s name. She started the feuding by saying:

“Being honest. u were asked not2call it the ‘Kate calendar’ a few yrs ago, remember? :)U benefitted. U got marketing u couldn’t pay 4!SO many features on r show & I didn’t mind until I was ‘thanked’ by having my name used!:( “

The design company didn’t stay quiet, though and responded:

“OMG. kate u and jon sent stuff left and right..use however. dont want ur name on a THING. no worries!! LMBO.”

The feud went on for a while until Kate Gosselin eventually decided she wasn’t going to address the situation anymore. However, it looks like Jon may have gotten in on the action. Radar Online is also reporting that, after hearing about the Twitter feud, he went out of his way to contact EM Tanner Designs and personally thank them for everything the company had done for the family.

Of course, it doesn’t look like Jon was “bashing” Kate as many have assumed, but rather showing his appreciation for a company that he seemed to like, even if Kate did not.

Twitter has become an excellent way for people to communicate, but that doesn’t mean the communication is always friendly. Kate has a lot of haters and has had to block many in the past. Should Kate spend less time on Twitter to avoid the hate?

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