Kate Gosselin Twitter: Lashes Out over Tweets about Marathon & Her Kids

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Reality television star Kate Gosselin recently lashed out after getting criticized on Twitter. Apparently, she felt the need to respond to some rather disparaging comments on the social media platform about her running marathons, tweeting, and a subject that is sensitive for Kate—her kids.

Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?It seems Kate Gosselin feels the need to respond to her haters on Twitter, whereas many other celebrities just have fun and don’t sweat the silly comments some people make. Kate seems to enjoy interacting on Twitter for the most part, but doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind to those saying mean things. Just recently on Friday, she received the following tweet from someone criticizing her for running in a marathon:

@Kateplusmy8 Thoughts? U have NOTHING original or interesting 2 say, u r not the 1st 2 run a marathon and u r as ordinary as the rest of us.

Kate promptly responded to the comments about 25 minutes after the tweet had gone live, saying:

@mcenernymom then why do you read I wonder? Must be getting something out of my blogs! Certainly you’re too busy to waste time on nonsense..

Kate also took time to respond to another comment from someone telling her “spend some time with your kids before they get taken away.” Gosselin replied to that with the tweet:

@woodylong69 seriously? If u can’t stand reading about our awesome and happy lives,unfollow. U are now blocked. Negativity doesnt fly here!

It’s clear that Kate Gosselin has to deal with her share of fans and foes on Twitter, but most other celebrities do. Then again, the point has been raised plenty of times, is Kate Gosselin truly a celebrity? She’s had kids and been on television series because she had so many kids. That helped her eventually get onto Dancing With the Stars, and now she continues to be someone that people are fascinated with. Is it all justified? Either way, Kate will likely learn to just ignore the haters like many others do on Twitter, because otherwise she’s just making those random people a bit more famous!

Do you think Kate Gosselin should chill out with her Twitter comments directed towards those criticizing her, or needs to stand up for herself?

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