Kate Gosselin Twitter: Talks About the Kids and Breakfast Feast

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Reality star and mother of eight, Kate Gosselin, recently mentioned the meal she fed an army on Twitter. No, Kate wasn’t being charitable to the US military, but instead feeding her kids breakfast!

In a previous update, Kate’s Twitter had her discussing shopping woes at Target, which probably were also related to her young ones. On Monday morning, Kate tweeted about the meal she just served up which had her reminiscing over her own childhood:

I just fed an army of really hungry 7yr olds…12 over easy eggs&2 scr eggs,10 pcs of toast…Made me think of teenage yrs! I’m in trouble!

If that’s a typical morning meal, the local grocery store might be in trouble, especially if others need eggs and bread! Hopefully, the kids finished everything on their plates too, because Kate sounds like she put in a lot of hard work to get that food to them. If not, she may need to teach them about feeding the less fortunate, an important lesson to pass on Kate Gosselin’s kids.

What did you eat for breakfast today? Did it come close to the amount of eggs and toast Kate’s kids had?

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