Kate Gosselin Twitter: Tweets About Her Target Shopping List Problem

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Reality television star Kate Gosselin has been a faithful user on Twitter, giving her thoughts daily. Just recently, she tweeted an interesting comment about her shopping woes from the retail store Target. Luckily for the store, it’s some good news though.

While Kate Gosselin has been in the news for her love life and marathon running, she is giving Target some love on Twitter. Recently she tweeted the interesting comment:

“….Tell me why every single X I get home from target w/ everything on my list in tow, does a new list instantly start again on my phone??!?”

With the kids and all, it’s understandable why Kate always needs more stuff. That seems like a problem many people probably have, although it can get quite costly after a while. Some may even find they have this problem with Wal Mart, or even the online shopping site Amazon.com. Target must be loving the fact that one of reality TV’s big stars and a mom of eight is tweeting out how much she needs from their store.

Are you like Kate Gosselin and find that whenever you shop at Target there’s so much stuff you forget to buy each time?

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