Kate Gosselin Under Fire from Child Abuse Group

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A child abuse group called Prevent Child Abuse America is criticizing Kate Gosselin’s use of a wooden spoon for spanking her children. President and CEO James M. Hmurovich voiced his opinion on the subject.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Hmurovich says there are healthier and far more effective ways to discipline one’s children.

He went on to Kate Gosselin explain that “all caretakers and adults can benefit from learning about what’s age appropriate in terms of discipline and a child’s stage of development.”

Spanking with wooden spoon never enters in to the “appropriate” category.

A reporter named Robert Hoffman, who discovered Kate’s journals, used as a tool for writing her books, says he found secrets worthy of indicting the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star, should be be arrested for abuse. One of the examples cited in the journals is almost blood chilling.

When three of her children helped themselves to M&Ms without permission, she allegedly wrote, “I really, really lost it! I pulled Collin up by the hair, and I spanked them so hard!”‘ the mom of eight wrote.

Kate Gosselin is now the target of parents and child advocates who are blasting the former Kate Plus 8 star via Twitter.

“If you agree that Twitter needs to help stop #Wooden Spoon beatings especially by d-list ex-reality fool,” one tweet reads.

Do you think Kate has obtained legal counsel? Is she at risk for being arrested or at least question in regard to spanking her children with a wooden spoon?

Surely someone with Kate’s status can come up with enough people to positively recommend her mothering skills. If not, she could be looking at some serious consequences.

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