Kate Gosselin Updates Fans on Lawsuit With Message About Hate and Insanity

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Kate Gosselin may not be the most popular reality star in the industry and she does have her haters, who are not thrilled with the way she uses her role as a mother and her eight children to get attention. But there is far between not liking someone and sending thousands of negative tweets to Kate herself. The owner of Bullyville filed a lawsuit against her bullies online and threatened to expose their identities and contact employers. And it sounds like there is an update to the legal drama with Kate herself.

According to a new tweet released on April 17, Kate Gosselin‘s biggest supporter from Bullyville is now speaking out about the lawsuit against her bullies and is pleased to give an update on how things have evolved. “The online war with the Kate stalkers is over. The mountain of evidence collected ensures that justice will prevail within a court of law. We’ve proven that her online stalkers all have one thing in common, hate. I assure you that they hate themselves far more than they hate anyone else. Even when confronted with undeniable proof they keep going, it truly is a sickness and I feel sorry for them,” the supporter tweeted. One can imagine that Kate is thrilled with the action that is being taken on her behalf, but many feel that she is supporting something that is violating people’s privacy.

“This is what they’ve decided to do with their lives. Some of them were in it for the money, others because they are mentally unstable. When you tweet one person over 74,000 times, that is pure insanity. I encourage all of Kate’s fans and supporters to completely stop interacting with these proven narcissists,” the owner of Bullyville revealed. It sounds like Kate will get her justice, which doesn’t sit well with others. This lawsuit has brought up some interesting discussions. What do you think of the updates?

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