Kate Gosselin Wants Her Show Back?

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Kate Gosselin is still upset about her TLC show getting canceled, and that’s understandable. The mom of eight would love to get back on television with her little ones because it was fun for them, and it paid the bills.
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“OMG think everyone should start a petition to get Kate’s show back! In all countries as well, good idea?” a fan tweeted to Kate. “Yes! We agree!” she responded. Of course most of the fans would love to see Kate Plus 8 return to television, but the ratings just weren’t good anymore… at least by TLC’s standards.

It doesn’t seem like the brood will find their way back in to the spotlight, but Kate Gosselin may have some opportunities coming her way. There have been several rumors about what she might do next, but so far, nothing has been confirmed. Some cannot wait for her to get back in the saddle and others hope she never rides again, but you can bet that Kate is not down and out. She’s just not that kind of woman.

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