Kate Gosselin Wants to Donate to Philly’s Carey Sextuplets

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Kate Gosselin wants to lend a hand to another family who understands what it’s like to have six babies at once. The Carey sextuplets, of Philadelphia, were born in June. Kate wants to pass along some equipment she used when her own sextuplets were babies.

According to Twitter, Kate recently posted a tweet, asking her followers if anyone had contact information for the Carey sextuplets.

“Does anyone have valid contact info for new Philly,PA sextuplets? I have 6 wooden highchairs (remember?) I’d love to give to them…thanks!” Kate Gosselin tweeted.

How nice that she wants to donate some of her own children’s things. She obviously knows how crazy and expensive life can be when raising sextuplets (of course Kate Gosselin has two older children as well!) so she wants to pass along the high chairs to hopefully save the Carey family one major expense.

The Carey sextuplets include Emma, Samantha, Olivia, John, Patrick and Connor. They were born about 10 weeks prematurely, on June 1st. The prognosis for these babies was uncertain at the time of their births, but they must be improving if Kate Gosselin is wanting to give them her children’s high chairs.

Kate was very careful when followers replied to her tweet, asking them not to post any contact information on the Twitter forum, but rather to send her a private message with the contact information instead.

Even though the Carey family likely won’t raise their sextuplets surrounded by a film crew, they could still likely benefit from befriending someone who understands what they’re going through with their new and very large brood. And Kate Gosselin could certainly fit that role. And now that Kate Plus Eight has been canceled by TLC, Kate’s going to have some extra time on her hands. Add to that the fact that the kids are all back in school, and she might have just found herself something new to do.

Okay, so that’s probably pushing it a bit–but it’s still awfully nice of her to want to donate her own kid’s high chairs.

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